Fast execution

Vallovapor© offers rapid disinfection. Rooms can be re-entered in a short timeframe.

Sustainable processes

Vallovapor© leaves a microscopic protective layer on surfaces, sustainably blocking new outbreaks.

Safe ingredients

The products are used by Vallovapor© are proven to be non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals.
Vallovapor© eliminates mold & germs...   Vallovapor© is happy to assist you through:   Vallovapor© provides solutions against...
  • FAST – affected rooms are only unusable for a short time
  • SIMPLE – furniture and equipment do not need to be removed
  • EFFECTIVE – indoor air and surfaces are completely decontaminated
  • CLEAN – the agent used is odorless & transparent
  • PREVENTIVE – our process has a lasting effect by depot
  • NON-TOXIC – clinically certified to be safe
  • TESTABLE – by air sampling before and after the operation
  • Extensive consultation,
  • Base cause analysis,
  • Detection of indoor climate and microbial loads,
  • Information for tenants and landlords as well as industrial clients,
  • Training for your own staff members
In the housing sphere, Vallovapor© provides property managers or portfolio managers with a complete one-stop maintenance package.

In the industrial sector, our service contracts guarantee mold and germ-free production.
  Vallovapor© provides solutions against ...
  • bacteria-induced air pollution...
  • such as mold and odors in confined spaces,
  • and the effects are long-lasting,
  • without the use of hazardous chemicals
The size and scope of application areas range from car interiors to apartment buildings to large-scale food production operations, including the disinfection of ventilation systems.